Layers of Her


People always say it’s what’s on the inside that matters.  If that’s the case, I’m screwed.  On the outside, everything looks put together — blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and lean.  By society’s standards, I’d be considered attractive.  But f*ck society, I know what I am.  I know what I’m made of.  The recessive genes that reared their heads and created a decent looking package on the outside don’t make me who I am.  What about all the evil lurking inside?  What about all the other parts of me that aren’t so easy to see?  Some of the most beautiful animals are also the deadliest.  Take the polar bear, for example.  Cute and cuddly on the outside, but it’s really a predator that will bite your f*cking head off.  That’s a dangerous combination.

And that’s exactly like me, exactly who I am.  Bad — and once you go bad, you can never go back.

WARNING:  This book deals with the harsh reality of rape that could be upsetting for some readers.